Excellency Music


Excellency Music is an event promotion company based out of Bay City, MI. 

We book concerts all over the great state of Michigan, but focus primarily on bringing events to our hometown of Bay City. Some of our favorite venues in town are The Crowne Pub and Chet's Corner Bar. 

Our favorite events to host are full of local talent. There's something special about putting together a lineup with friends from our area and packing our beloved venues. 

Our most prized event every year is our festival, Excellency Music Festival. We host 20 of our favorite bands at the beautiful Historic Masonic Temple in downtown Bay City. This event has sold out multiple times and continues to put our city on the map! 

The most unique part of Excellency Music is we are a team full of friends. We are the same as you! People of all different backgrounds that genuinely love music and our community. Come out to a show soon and join our family!