Excellency Music

We are always looking for new artists to put on shows! Whether you are from the area or trying to book a tour date, we can figure something out. Read below and let's get planning!

From the area?

If you're looking to book a date in the Mid Michigan area, you've come to the right place. We have venues we work with in both Bay City and Saginaw. 

Please send an email to troy@xlncmusic.com with the following information:

• Artist name

• Link to music

• Link to social media accounts

• Dates you are looking to book

• How you plan to promote the show

Trying to book a tour date?

We are actively trying to pick up more tour dates so there's a great chance we will be able to work with you on whatever date you need! 

Please send an email to troy@xlncmusic.com with the above information. Please include any history you might have had touring in the area!

Sent the email?

We get a bunch of emails every day but make a strong effort to reply to them as soon as possible! If you don't receive a reply within a week, feel free to reach out again. Please make sure your email followed the above directions and had no attachments!